Secondary School

Dr. Mrs. Pramila Subhash Bhosale
BSc, Med, PHD Service Start Date- 18-11-91
Experience- 26 years
National International Research Paper published
She was selected for village as head person(Sarpanch)
SAAC- Working as School Assessment and Accord nation committee member
Different Study related and Social working.

Teaching Staff
Sr No Teacher Name Designation Education Service Start
1 Dr. Pramila Subhash Bhosale Principal Bsc, Bed, Med, PHD 18/11/91
2 Mr. Shivaji Dadu Bhandigare Assistant Teacher MA BEd 22/06/96
3 Mrs. M. S. Patil Assistant Teacher MA BEd 26/06/97
4 Mrs. Ashwini Adikrao Pawar Assistant Teacher BA BEd 12/06/98
5 Mrs. Swati Umesh Mali Assistant Teacher MSc BEd 18/06/98
6 Mr. Aabasaheb Satgonda Bhosale Assistant Teacher BSc BEd 18/06/99
7 Mrs Savita Namdev Nandavadekar Assistant Teacher MA DEd 10/11/03
8 Mr. Krushnath Bajirao Patil Assistant Teacher MA DEd 12/06/04
9 Mrs. Ashwini Rajendra Kumbhar Assistant Teacher MSC ATD 09/06/05
Non Teaching Staff
Sr No Name Designation Education Service Start
1 Mr. Ranjeet Vitthal Patil Junior Clark BA 01/07/09
2 Mrs. Alaka Vitthal Patil Pra. Parichar BA 01/05/96
3 Mr. Shiwaji Rajaram Sutar Naik SSC 03/05/96
4 Mr. Balvant Shamarao Patil Peon 7th 02/12/96
Different Branch Details
Sr No Standard Medium
1 5th Semi
2 6th Semi
3 7th Semi
4 8th Semi/Marathi
5 9th Semi/Marathi
6 10th Semi/Marathi
7 11th (Arts/Commerce/ Science) Marathi
8 12th (Arts/Commerce/ Science) Marathi